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Need a building permit? I can help.

Home improvement projects that involve structural changes are required to have a building permit. 


Want to add more space, build a deck or add a garage?

I can help you work out the details and produce drawings to be submitted to the Building Department to move this process forward!

I also have experience in kitchen and bath design. While these may or may not require a permit, the details are important to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

Let's talk about your ideas!

recent projects

Lakeside Home

I worked with the owners to develop construction  drawings from a well-formed floor plan, sizing the house to the lot and working out the complicated roof structures.

Currently in the Bid-Set phase.

Front perspective
Roof plan
Rear perspective

Historic Home Addition

We worked with the local Historic District to assure that the new addition matched the scale and details of the existing home within the neighborhood.

Conceptual rendering
Building details
Completed addition

An Interesting Challenge

So, you'd like a new, detached garage with a full basement and space in the attic? Oh, and zoning only allows a 17 foot total height!

No problem.

Rending of a garage.
Garage perspective xray 2
Garage perspecive xray

Custom Cabinetry

It started with a photo from a magazine (right). A wall of cabinets that the client loved and wanted for her home. I took careful measurements because the plan was to cut a doorway though the existing wall between the cabinets.

A lot of measuring and careful layout and I was able to give her exactly what she wanted.

Client's concept
Drawing elevations
Perspective views
Section views
Exploded view
Finished product
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