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of the Project Manager and Site Superintendent

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The Project Manager

The role of the Project Manager (PM) typically includes the management of all financial and contractual aspects of a project. The PM works with the Estimator to review the Bid Proposals of prospective Subcontractors to ensure that the entire scope of work is understood and included in their proposals and "buys out" the project by awarding Subcontracts to each of the companies chosen for participation in the project. The PM (or assistant) will ensure that each Subcontractor has the required license, permit and insurance coverage, as applicable.

The PM works with the Owner, Architect and Engineers during the Value Engineering process to assist in reducing overall project costs while ensuring that Owner receives the final product that he or she requires.

The PM analyzes the project for potential risk and develops a plan to minimize these risks.

The PM works with the Architect and Engineers to overcome issues of constructability and, when necessary, prices changes to the scope of work under the direction of the Owner and Architect.

He or she participates in Progress Meetings and presents monthly draw requests based on completed scope of work. The Project Manager is ultimately responsible for the Budget of the project.



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The Site Superintendent

The project Superintendent (Super) is responsible for the day to day activities on the jobsite. He or she is ultimately responsible for the Construction Schedule, Quality Control and works with the Subcontractors to ensure that the project is completed on time. The Super will send out timely updates to the  schedule  to ensure that all subcontractors are aware of the Start and Finish dates of their scope of work.

The Super verifies that the Subcontractors perform their complete scope of work in accordance with the Plans and Specifications and applicable building codes. The Super is responsible for Quality Control of the project as well. He or she schedules all of the Building Inspections and any required Testing.

Perhaps the most important responsibility of the Superintendent is ensuring a safe jobsite. The Super is always on the lookout for unsafe conditions and takes quick action to correct them. He or she enforces the OSHA requirements and ensures that all workers and visitors are using the correct Personal Protection Equipment. The Super leads weekly Safety Meetings with all workers on the site and keeps a record of any safety violations and how they were resolved.

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