Recent projects

Casework and Finish Carpentry

Design-Build casework

From concept, to detailing, to fabrication and installation this project was a collaborative effort between the client and

Div-Six. Often a client has a good idea of what they want and, working together, we were able to realize her vision.

Airbrush 2.jpg
2020-04-03 10.25.51.jpg
2020-05-01 16.54.00.jpg
2020-05-13 12.31.39.jpg
2020-05-13 12.44.00.jpg
2020-05-22 10.41.50-1.jpg

Breakfast Nook

This was another fun project. The client has a marvelous home and at some point the previous owner had added a bump out in the kitchen that was just begging for a eating area. The dimensions were perfect for a pair of benches and a countertop. All we had to do is build them!

Column upgrade

The existing columns holding up this marvelous archway were over-sized and suffering from pretty severe water damage.

I scaled down the new columns so the "mass" better suited the scale of the porch. I also designed the columns to shed water and primed all sides of each piece before installation.

Existing Columns

Resized Columns

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