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Recent projects

Doors, Casework and Finish Carpentry

Entry door & Carriage House Doors

My client had dreamed of replacing their entry doors and sidelites with something more period-correct. The interior trim is the original stained gumwood and after looking at several options we decided that European Beech was a close match. We chose a craftsman-style door and sidelites, and I took a sample of the interior casing to have the stain color matched. 

Entry before.jpg

Old Entry Door

Entry after.jpg

New Entry Door


Stain-matched to interior moldings

Carriage House Doors

They also had a "drive-through" detached garage and wanted to replace the old, roll-up steel garage door and with  carriage-house type doors. After pricing pre-built doors we decided that it would be more cost-effective if I built these doors in-house.

Garage before.jpg

Old garage door

Garage after.jpg

New Carriage House Doors

Here is a short video showing how I constructed and assembled these doors.

Construction & Assembly

I built these doors from scratch using Western Red Cedar for the exterior and Pine for the interior. By "sandwiching" the different components together (three layers) with exterior glue, you end up with a door that is much less prone to warp over the years.

Airbrush 2.jpg

Design-Build casework

From concept, to detailing, to fabrication and installation this project was a collaborative effort between the client and

Div-Six. Often a client has a good idea of what they want and, working together, we were able to realize her vision.

2020-04-03 10.25.51.jpg
2020-05-01 16.54.00.jpg
2020-05-13 12.31.39.jpg
2020-05-13 12.44.00.jpg
2020-05-22 10.41.50-1.jpg

Breakfast Nook

This was another fun project. The client has a marvelous home and at some point the previous owner had added a bump out in the kitchen that was just begging for a eating area. The dimensions were perfect for a pair of benches and a countertop. All we had to do is build them!

New bench.jpg
Storage 2.jpg

Column upgrades

The existing columns holding up this marvelous archway were over-sized and suffering from pretty severe water damage.

I scaled down the new columns so the "mass" better suited the scale of the porch. I also designed the columns to shed water and primed all sides of each piece before installation.

Existing Columns

2020-05-07 10.02.07.jpg
2020-05-07 09.57.16.jpg
2020-05-07 09.57.20.jpg

Original Columns

Existing Columns.jpg

Resized Columns

New Columns.jpg
New Dimensions.jpg
2020-05-27 10.38.30.jpg
2020-05-27 13.01.53.jpg
2020-06-05 14.01.33.jpg
2020-06-05 14.01.40.jpg
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