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A typical construction project can involve a hundred team members. From the architects and engineers to the dozen or so subcontractors, it is vital that everyone keep in mind the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR). This is a term that I borrowed from the Building Commissioning process but is applicable to all construction projects.

Simply put, the OPR documents the goals and desires of the owner for the entire project. It should include a narrative description of the work, the energy efficiency goals, the level of quality expected, and, of course, the budget and schedule requirements. When documented early in the design phase, it is used to guide the entire project from conceptual design to final inspection.

Communication is vital and it is the Project Manager's job to ensure that the requirements of the owner are communicated to all of the subcontractors and then verified during the construction process. For larger projects, web-based construction management software can ensure that questions, details and any changes are properly documented throughout the construction phase.


Jim Davis has been a General Contractor, Designer, Superintendent and Project Manager for more than 25 years. His experience in Building Systems Commissioning brings another set of tools to the team.



Contract Management, Construction Scheduling, Design Detailing, Quality Control and Jobsite Safety.

Procore Certified.

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